Perfume is the most intense form of memory Perfume Atelier Passow Delaye Berlin "Düfte die die Welt verändern"
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Tel + (49) 17662 669300 Damaschkestr. 28, 10711 Berlin.

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What is Passow Delaye Berlin and why perfume?

We are a German / French-Mexican couple that has set as mission to create poetry and beauty in the world. We have chosen perfume as a medium for its great ability to influence the state of people. Like a magic formula, perfume can inspire us to be in a good mood, to work, to love, to dream. Perfume can create poetry in our environment to perceive it and will always tend to beautiful things and peace. Perfume  can cause us a feeling of attraction towards other people and therefore it is the perfect means to inspire poetry and love in the world.

Berlin has been our inspiration for everything we have done together. It has been like our mother, she spawned us and continues to do so day after day. Berlin inspires freedom to be what we are. Passow Delaye Berlin could not have been conceived elsewhere.

Why Women and Men in a bottle?

All people are born with an impulse to realize ourselves, to create something, to grow and be someone. We are like a man or a woman in a bottle. The bottle represents the brakes, ties, limiting ideas, part of the culture and society that defines us. Perfume is the essence that each person has inside and that pushes you to exceed the limits of yourself.

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