Perfume is the most intense form of memory Perfume Atelier Passow Delaye Berlin "Düfte die die Welt verändern"
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Tel + (49) 17662 669300 Damaschkestr. 28, 10711 Berlin.


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We love what we do…

is a young, open, creative and independent Berlin label whose mission is to bring great, high quality fragrances to those who appreciate the power of scents as much as we do.

We are a young company that has close regard not only to the scents it produces, but also for people and the environment. We are different, authentic, flexible, daring and fearless…we are Berliner! And in order to fulfill our mission, we start by offering high quality fragrances for a fair price.

Our fragrances comprise chosen ingredients and are made in Germany in accordance with high quality standards. Thanks to their quality, you can enjoy them all day long in all of their nuances. We love to provide you with what we particularly cherish: the best fragrances.

change the world with their fragrances, the little details and the people.

Each scent leaves an impression in our environment, each scent evokes a reaction. Scents attract attention, bring back memories and allow us to dream.

We believe that everybody should think a little further and have regard to the needs of other people and the issues that they face. That is why we donate a share of our turnover to organizations that have made it their responsibility to effect necessary change to the benefit of children, women, men, animals and nature by either protecting the existing order or by changing their circumstances for the better.

Our products are made entirely of recyclable materials, and are designed in a fashion that even allows them to be reused for their original purpose if undamaged. We offer you the opportunity to return the vials and packaging of our fragrances to us so we can ensure they are properly recycled. And because assuming responsibility is a worthwhile endeavour, we will reward you for doing so with a discount on the next fragrance you purchase at PASSOW DELAYE BERLIN.

Our fragrances are produced in Germany, and all parts of our flacons are procured from German manufacturers or manufacturers in countries of the European area (for instance Italy and Spain). This allows us to keep transport distances short, and to assume that the circumstances in which the goods are produced correspond to certain social and quality standards.

make sure that not only the content of our fragrances is right, but also everything that surrounds them. For us, the whole is composed of many small but vital details to which we attach particular importance.

We want

  • to improve the established
  • to redesign the out-dated
  • to create beauty 
  • to surprise

Our values are

  • High quality fragrances for a competitive price.
  • Harmonizing high quality products with eco-friendliness.
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